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MLB All-Star Terror Plot Thwarted In Denver

Chilling news out of Denver after 16 long guns and more than a 1,000 rounds of ammunition found on the eighth floor balcony hotel overlooking Coors Field where the 2021 All-Star Game is scheduled.

A tip from a maid at the Maven Hotel led to the investigation and the arrests of the individuals. One suspect had just gone through a divorce and was on record for saying he wanted 'to go out in a big way'. Sources feared that the combination of ammo, weapons, vantage point and anticipated crowds could have led to a Las Vegas-style rampage and casualty count. Local police and SWAT teams defused the situation, arrested the suspects and impounded two cars. Guests in the hotel at the time were told to stay in their rooms due to the unfolding situation. Three of the four suspects are charged with possession of a weapon by a previous offender and possession of controlled substances.

An emergency operations center with a force exceeding 100 was already set up and remains on standby, as is the case for all major sports and entertainment events.

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