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Muppet Show Reruns Now Deemed Offensive

Fresh off reports that the Coca-Cola's diversity training featuring Robin DiAngelo's 'Confronting Racism' module where the activist encourages Caucasians to be 'less white', we find something even more ridiculous. Episodes from five seasons of The Muppet Show streaming on the Disney+ platform now comes with an unskippable 12-second 'Content Warning'... "This program comes includes negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people and cultures. These stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now". The same warning also appears before other classic shows on the Disney+ platform such as Dumbo and Lady and the Tramp due to what are deemed by 2021 as 'cultural insensitivity'. So Kermit is green, Elmo is red, Big Bird is yellow, Oscar the Grouch green and the Cookie Monster blue - and a woke society now finds a problem with it. One flagged episode featured Spike Milligan wearing multiple costumes, including a stereotypical Chinese outfit and a Native-American headless, an episode scrubbed from presentation in Britain entirely. Those occasional episodes were considered out of place for a franchise known for providing good-natured content. The original Sesame Street franchise that launched in 1969 was hailed in its time for championing diversity and inclusion. The show explained topics such as bullying and divorce for a younger audience, reflecting day-to-day interactions to children. To this day, Sesame Street and The Muppet Show remain timeless and continue to be marketed. But the content warnings punctuate the fact that much of the music, television, film and other content from past generations is now considered inappropriate in one form or another. That appears as clear as mud.


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