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Ben Sasse Responds to Possible Nebraska GOP Censure

Correctly stating that he has not changed in the past four years and that his party must decide between traditional values or 'madness', Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse spoke against the GOP in his home state in an impassioned five-minute video. Sasse condemned the events of January 6, noted Donald Trump lost 60 straight legal challenges and vowed to continue not to bend backwards over 'the weird worship of one dude'.

Sasse spoke about values and agenda widely supported in his state, noting he even won overwhelmingly in Omaha's 2nd Congressional District, where the exiled ex-President lost.

"The party could purge Trump skeptics," Sasse said. "Not only is that civic cancer for the nation, but terrible for our party." The infighting within the GOP continues as news networks mourn the end of the Trump era, the FBI monitors right wing extremist threats to the Super Bowl and a pro-Trump website makes the stretch that the Department of Defense plans to out 'conservatives' out of the Armed Forces.

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