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Oklahomans Continue To Back Donald Trump

There are pockets of America where the popularity of former President Donald J. Trump has not waned. Count Oklahoma as one of them, one does not need to venture far inside the states borders to find out. "We speak our mind around here," Margaret Malson, a tourism worker and longtime election polling volunteer said. "Our rights have been infringed upon, that is not right." Exactly one year ago the city of Tulsa who welcomed Trump with open arms for his famous rally during the height of COVID-19. Many maintain it was not coincidence that COVID-19 gained a foothold and made its deepest mark in America soon after the President survived his first impeachment trail. Some believe China's actions in 2020 as rising beyond negligence and as an act of war. What prevents military retaliation is strength in numbers, the Chinese have obviously more manpower and a greater presence in the Pacific theatre. That is a fact that Trump and other U.S. military leaders remain too well aware. In Oklahoma, current U.S. trade restrictions against China is noticed from everything from lack of products in gumball machines to shortages of craft supplies. "You see the lack of inventory at IKEA," Malson said, referring to a furniture retailer. The idea of those speaking their minds prevails even with the state's more prominent residents. Oklahoma State University head football coach Mike Gundy received criticism from the national sports media in 2020 for wearing an OAN (One America News) shirt; he later issued an apology.

Oklahoma State University's Mike Gundy

Gundy's viewpoints resulted in players threatening to leave the OSU program and impacts future overtures Gundy may have coaching in the National Football League. But he continues to have university support and vows to be the Oklahoma State coach 'for life.'

Oklahoma's resources include oil, mining, fracking and wind turbines. Much of Trump's support comes from the energy sector which speaks for his widespread state popularity.

With her background in the election process, Malson notes the strange circumstances in Georgia's presidential and senatorial elections, along with widespread vote harvesting in Madison, Wisconsin - and believes the situations will be rectified. "We believe Donald Trump will win back the presidency in 2024," she said. It is safe to say Oklahoma does not hold back.

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