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Scott Frost Reaches Boiling Point During Loss At Iowa

The Nebraska Cornhuskers showed some fight before going down in their annual Black Friday loss to the University of Iowa. After Iowa scored on a go-ahead 48-yard field goal early in the fourth quarter, embattled Head Coach Scott Frost took his frustrations out on a side judge over what he deemed a false start on Iowa. Thanks to the lack of fans at Kinnick Stadium, Frost's frustrations were on display for all of a national television audience.

"Did he move or did he not move? Tell me, did he move? Bullshit! You Mother...."

#ScoFro stopped himself before the second part of that word.

Husker Nation can only wonder WWBD - What would Bo Pelini Do? Of course Bo himself will say Kirk Ferentz often acts like an ass but seldom called out for it. Then again, Ferentz has at least won in Iowa City and even Nebraska was churned out winning seasons and bowl appearances a decade ago under Pelini.


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