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Stat-Padding, Daily Covid-19 Deaths Spike Above 1,000...

#coronabros celebrate after Tuesday Covid deaths soar to 1,225, the highest single-day total since Aug. 26 and first day with over 1,000 casualties since Sept. 23.

Rural Wisconsin continues to be America's hot spot, with 4,205 cases and 48 deaths spread out over 30 different counties, shattering previous single-day high of 34. Out of 9.886 test results, 42.53 percent came back positive.

Record numbers continue to be recorded on a global scale, with 437,441 new cases reported, exceeding the total of 414,471 reported Oct. 16.

Along with disruption, illnesses and loss of life, coronavirus also continues to result in loss of civil liberties taken for granted less than a year ago.

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