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Target, Walmart Pull Collector Cards From Shelves

It is 1991 all over again as collectable trading cards have become the rage, and much more expensive than ever. But now consumers will now have to turn to Amazon or other avenues as the local five and dime and big box stores no longer wish to deal with the hassle. Target will be pulling all such collectables (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Pokémon, Star Wars, etc.) effective May 14 with Walmart doing likewise. "The safety of our guests and our team is our highest priority," Target said in a statement. "Out of an abundance of caution, we have decided to suspend the sale of trading cards within our stores." The final straw was an incident that occurred in a Milwaukee-area Target parking lot when a 35-year old man with a concealed carry license pulled a gun on four others who allegedly attacked him over a purchase. Another underlying reason is trading cards remain targets for shoplifters even with advanced security procedures in place. Target Corporation added that they will look into a new distribution processes (likely curbside pickup or front counter like cigarettes.), trading cards will continue to be available online on the Target and Walmart sites. The eight-card pack of Donruss NBA cards pictured above costs $11.99 plus $5.99 shipping through the Walmart site. Better deals can likely be had on Amazon. One can only imagine the hell that will be recked across earth when Beanie Babies become a thing again.

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