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Truist Park Showcased Again On ESPN Sunday Night Telecast

Disclosure: Portions of article written in character of a raging liberal...

For the second time in five weeks, ESPN Sunday Night Baseball comes from the outskirts of Atlanta, this in the aftermath of Major League Baseball pulling the 2021 All-Star Game out of Truist Park over Georgia's revised state voter laws. What is ESPN thinking? MLB sent a clear message when it chose to punish the Atlanta Braves organization over a political issue likewise protested by Atlanta corporations such as Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines. So why did ESPN elect to broadcast its weekly showcase game from the Braves ballpark - again? Ditto for Fox Sports who aired Phillies v. Braves Saturday. One would think ESPN would be consistent, look at MLB's treatment in the manner of a college football probation and not air any telecasts out of Atlanta voting laws are undone. Phillies/Braves is a good, hotly contested divisional matchup, but could be shown when the teams play in Philadelphia, home of fans booing and far away from the Tomahawk Chop, heard in full throat without an organist prompt during the Braves four-run first inning Sunday. Other strong options for a Sunday night telecast this weekend included Dodgers at Angels, Padres at Giants or even Blue Jays at Astros. Or anything, anywhere besides Atlanta. Even worse, the Braves organization opened their ballpark to 100 percent capacity beginning this weekend (39,000 attended Saturday). So not only have voting regulations been restricted for certain demographics, but COVID-19 rates will now spike in the coming weeks. Georgia - enjoy dingbat Herschel Walker as your governor in 2023:)

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