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Tulsa High School Drops 'Redskins' Handle

Union High School

Union Public Schools Board of Education voted 5-0 to eliminate use of the school's Redskins mascot and logo. Over the summer a committee voted 24-3 to discontinue the name.

The school last considered changing the nickname in 2003, but unanimously voted to keep it - citing 'outside sources' as being behind the controversy. The topic came back under review in July as the NFL's Washington Football Team dropped the Redskins brand. The Union Redskins name dates back to 1924 to honor star players Clarence Drew and Clarence Haikey, who were both members of Creek Nation. The schools current football logo is based off the 'U' used by the University of Miami Hurricanes. In 2015 the school unveiled a non-indigenous mascot known as Hyper. Native culture runs deep in Oklahoma, on Friday Union is scheduled to play Enid High School in a playoff game. The Enid Plainsmen feature a logo that depicts a Native American in headdress.


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