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Wisconsin Lawmakers Propose To End Enhanced Unemployment

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports Wisconsin Republican lawmakers have proposed to end the states participation in federal programs that give additional unemployment benefits to those who lost work during the COVID pandemic.

"The government needs to quit competing with our local employers, State Senator Howard Marklein said.

Legislation is expected to move quickly but must be signed by Governor Tony Evers (D). Wisconsin is not alone, as nearly two dozen states with GOP governors are primed to end $300-per-week federal benefits by July in efforts to get the unemployed back on the job. Alaska, Iowa, Mississippi and Missouri plan to drop benefits on June 12, the earliest date allowed. Alabama, Indiana, Iowa, North Dakota and Wyoming are set to follow June 19.

Arkansas, Georgia, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Utah plan to withdraw by the end of June.

Arizona, Montana and Oklahoma's plan offers $1,200 - $2,000 return to work incentives.

The move to end benefits are frowned by free-spending Democrats who contend worker shortages are not the result of added unemployment benefits.


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