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Wisconsin Transgender Sports Bill Faces Backlash

Female athletes appealed to Wisconsin lawmakers to ban transgender people participating in sports at the K-12 and collegiate levels as women. More than 30 groups opposed measures that got to state their case before three legislative committees. Supporters, including female athletes and representatives from groups pushing laws in other states, argue the sanctity of women sports is at stake. "Where is the support for us? asked Leia Schneeberger, a mountain biker who testified that she lost two races to a transgender woman." I lost to someone who had the advantage of being born naturally bigger and stronger." Earlier this year Wisconsin representatives Janel Brandtjen and Barb Dittrich introduced bills aimed at creating a fair playing field in women's sports. Brandtjen and Dittrich represent Menomonee Falls and Oconomowoc, two traditional Waukesha County conservative strongholds. “You can’t win against men, that's biology, the reality and honestly, you’ll ruin women's sports forever,” Brandtjen said. “Why would you compete, if you knew you wouldn’t win.”

The transgender sports debate is taking place in several states; advocates would like to see NCAA Championships not held in states that do not allow transgenders to compete as women. Dozens of current and former transgender and nonbinary athletes penned a letter to the NCAA, asking for action in response to anti-transgender bills passed in several states. Alabama, Arkansas and Tennessee, states that passed bills, were named regional hosts for the ongoing 2021 NCAA women's softball tournament. In April the NCAA warned that actions against inclusion could result in the loss of events. This battle will continue to rage for the foreseeable future.

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