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Cleveland Baseball Team To Drop 'Indians' Name

As has been assumed for several years, the Cleveland Indians expected to announce this week that they will drop its moniker of more than 100 years following the 2021 season, then possibly be known as the Cleveland Baseball Team until a new name is decided. The Indians name has increasingly come under fire as being insensitive towards indigenous citizens. The Chief Wahoo logo has been phased out and eliminated from game uniforms after the 2018 season. A limited amount of Chief Wahoo merchandise had been sold to retain the trademark. In recent seasons, the Toronto Blue Jays radio broadcasters have been amongst those not to mention the Cleveland team by its name. President of Baseball Operations Chris Antonetti said that the team is continuing the process of considering a name change.

Many believed the wheels for changing the franchise identity was put in motion when Cleveland was awarded the 2019 All-Star Game. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred and team owner Paul Dolan deny such a quid pro quo. Where this leaves the AAA Indianapolis Indians, or Indianapolis, Indiana - is anyones guess.


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