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Curt Schilling Ships Out Of Boston

Once considered a savior throughout New England (a title now held by David Ortiz) for his role leading the Boston Red Sox to two long awaited World Series championships, Curt Schilling now cannot wait to see Boston out of his rear-view mirror as he and his family plan a move to rural Tennessee 'where people are nice' and Schilling can possibly map out a plan to run for political office. Outed by New Englanders and the media as a 'firebrand' for his continued support of Donald Trump, Schilling currently has much on his plate as he faces legal proceedings in Rhode Island over a $75 million video game venture that went bankrupt. In 2012 Schilling sold his bloody sock from the 2004 American League Championship Series for $92,000 in an attempt to get out of debt - New York collector Al Tapper now has the sock back on auction where it is expected to sell for much more. Schilling also revealed wife Shonda is undergoing treatments for breast cancer. Mrs. Schilling previously battled skin cancer while Curt was diagnosed with mouth cancer in 2014 which he blamed on his use of chewing tobacco. Earlier this year Schilling again fell short of the votes required by baseball writers for enshrinement in the Baseball Hall of Fame, as exercising his First Amendment rights continues to keep him out of Cooperstown.

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