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Draconian Mandates For Albany NCAA Hockey Regional

  • The 16-team field for the 2021 NCAA Men's Hockey Tournament was set Sunday night with regionals scheduled for Loveland, Colorado, Fargo, North Dakota, Bridgeport, Connecticut and Albany, New York. Limited spectator attendance will be allowed in Albany and Fargo, but not in Loveland or Bridgeport. Leave it for the event to be held in Andrew Cuomo's backyard to have the most ridiculous mandate for the 1,392 tickets available for each session on March 27-28.

  • Tickets will be sold in pods of two (many events nationwide have been grouping spectators in 'pods' and not allowing single-ticket purchases).

  • Fans must provide contact tracking information at the time of purchase.

  • Everyone in attendance will must provide proof of a negative PCR COVID-19 test prior to entering the building.

  • The test must be taken no earlier than Wednesday, March 24.

  • Social distancing will be nine feet between spectators - because six feet is no longer good enough.

So where does that leave those who have received COVID vaccinations? Apparently that will not be good enough - the demand of proof a negative test overrides that. So those who want to attend must get a swab shoved up their nose (or anal area) and receive a negative result within 72 hours of the event. This makes one wonder how much trust New York State has in the current vaccination process to insist on jumping through the additional hoop of undergoing tests, an uncomfortable process many have gone through dozens of times since the beginning of the pandemic.. If I find any additional updates or information to the contrary it will be passed along.

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