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Lindell Believes Insurrection An Antifa-Driven Pillow Fight

Mike Lindell and Donald Trump remain strange bedfellows.

Mr. Pillow returned to Washington to give Donald Trump evidence he received 79 million votes on Election Day to Joe Biden's 68 million votes. Photos showed Lindell with notes that suggested 'Martial Law if necessary' and to enforce the Insurrection Act in seven battleground states (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin) won by Biden. Lindell claims he found evidence that linked an IP address to China that allegedly flipped presidential election results. During his brief meeting with Trump Friday, Lindell referred to China as the 'number one perpetrator' in dictating the election. White House lawyers eventually escorted Lindell out . Many observers interpreted Lindell's notes as a last ditch effort at a coup to keep Trump in office. Lindell also continues to 'pray' that the current military presence in Washington is part of the coup effort. In another video posted January 6 claiming the riots being depicted as 'joke' and that '99.99 percent' of the activity was peaceful according to family members present. Lindell surmised what violence did occur was likely planted by Antifa.

Not surprisingly, activist groups now call for Wal-Mart, Amazon and other big box retailers to remove MyPillow products from the shelves. Lindell's claims seem far-fetched but the timing of COVID's arrival immediately after Trump survived last year's impeachment trial still seems more than coincidental.


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