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Nick Saban Daughter Suggests Ohio State Psy-Op

COVID-19 has been in the news as much as ever in sports, a list that includes the NBA's Kevin Durant, soccer's Alex Morgan and Cleveland Browns Head Coach Kevin Stefanski. Sources also report Ohio State football team has also been hit with the 'rona, but the team intends to face Alabama in the College Football Championship game Jan. 11. Count Nick Saban's daughter amongst those believing batshit conspiracy theories are in play to give Buckeyes quarterback Justin Fields time to heal his injured ribs. Here is what Kristen Saban Setas said on anti-social media...

"If you're not confident to play then say it. I call BS on the COVID cases. They're just worried about (Fields) and want him to have more time to heal. You didn't see us postponing the rest of the season to wait for Waddle. BYE"

Kristen discovered she was not the canary in the coal mine. Her tweet quickly deleted and replaced with an apology. But her words live on in screenshots at 'The', as was Dabo Swinney's disrespectful ranking of Ohio State at No. 11 due to lack of games played.

At least Dabo says he has no regrets. If you have bulletin board material to say, then perhaps don't say it at all. Incidentally Coach Saban announced that receiver Jaylen Waddle may be available for the title game.

Would it be the worst thing to postpone this proxy war for a week? Both Fields and Waddle would be healthier, perhaps a win win win while coaches families search for more rabbit holes.

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