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Pitcher Tyler Zombro Released From Hospital

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

A 'scary' incident is part of lexicon when an incident may end with someone hurt, bud mostly dodging greater harm. The life-threatening event that occurred involving Tampa Bay Rays prospect Tyler Zombro is defined in the horrific category. Zombro was released from Duke University Medical Center Wednesday, six days after taking a line drive that had the earmarks of a life or death situation as he was whisked away by medical personnel and the game suspended. Reports earlier in the week described Zombro as 'progressing' and being able to walk with assistance. In an official statement made by the Rays organization, Zombro will remain in the Durham area with family while undergoing occupational and speech therapy. Safety regulations are often written in blood. Base coaches immediately went to helmeted attire after first base coach Mike Coolbaugh was killed in 2007 by a foul ball that struck the side of his neck, crushing a vital artery.

In this day and age, one wonders about the eventual end game for pitchers. Should a tragic incident occur in the future, it may very well result in hurlers donning cricket-like attire or the pitchers mound itself being moved back 2-5 feet.

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