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Trending - Big Tech Kills Parler, But 'Hang Mike Pence' OK...

The clock literally struck midnight, more precisely 12:00 a.m. Pacific Time on January 11. The overlords of social technology succeeded in shutting's entire website. Not just the mobile apps - the entire freaking site, in warp speed. Why? Because Parler's membership exploded with the conservative movement and with QAnon groups against the Deep State. So Amazon, Google and Apple are the good guys doing the right thing, along with social media platforms. That includes Twitter and their choices in letting the world know 'trending topics'....

So we have a Nancy Pelosi headline, a plug for the latest device that will play Big Brother better than ever, then there's the third piece.

That's right. 12,400 tweets on Friday night alone from anti-social media calling for a sitting vice-president to be hung - and not in effigy. This is no surprise - the Twitter-verse gawks and cheers the impending passing of Rush Limbaugh and O.J. Simpson is able to express tasteless viewpoints. Limbaugh deactivated his own Twitter account over the weekend. There was a time where any threat made towards elected officials on a message board, radio or any other medium ran the risk of at least a knock at the door. But that was so 2005. So who is real 'mob'? Parler's membership doubled in the days after the November 2020 election and exploded again in the wake of the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot. CloutHub. launched on October 20, 2020, is hailed as another next-generation free speech site gaining influencer support, and reportedly got Donald Trump on board this morning. Which means Clouthub could be history by the end of the week.

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